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Who Am I?

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

Take a moment and look at the root of everything in your life, your identity.

Who Am I? What do I believe about myself? Do I feel like I am enough?

I encourage you to not be quick to answer these questions without really taking the time to think about the true image you carry in your heart and mind of yourself. Sometimes the image we portray and share with others may not match the true image we secretly carry deep within. Today, I’m not just talking to the woman I see, but the woman deep within that others may not see.

The woman who may look like she has it all together, but she is still unsure of herself and her next steps. The woman who smiles outwardly but is really crying within for love and searching for peace. The woman who may be the life of the party but really misses her Dad and the time she never really had with him as a young girl. The woman who is walking down the street on a date smiling but is unhappy and still not over the last break-up. This is not an all-inclusive list. I believe the list never ends of all the different scenarios some of us could be in today or may have been in at one time or another in our past.

When we aren’t clear on who we are, life and the myriad of experiences that may happen to us by choice or not by choice, begins to tell us who we are. Movies, TV shows, news, social media, artists, music videos, friends, strangers, magazines, books, men, etc., will bombard us with images, stories, and ideas of how we should think, speak and act.

The turning point in my life came when I was 18 years old. I call it the year I gave up. I gave up trying to keep up with the exhausting tempo and rhythm of life I had come to know. I gave up trying to be enough and gave my life to the One who is more than enough. I surrendered my life to the Lord and asked him to be the Lord over my life because I was failing miserably in trying to manage it all. I cried my heart out that day. It’s like a load was lifted off my shoulders. It was on that day that my journey began of God revealing Himself to me and who I was in Him.

He took me on a journey through the Word of God of who I was in Him, and it changed my identity. It changed my viewpoints, belief systems and transformed me from the inside out. Today, I can finally say who I am. I am a woman of God fearfully and wonderfully made, the daughter of a King, a friend of God filled with His love and grace. Out of this identity flow all of my gifts and talents.

Out of your being comes your doing. When your identity is properly aligned with who you are in Him, your gifts and talents will begin to flow and flourish. This means your identity and esteem sets the course of your life. What you believe about yourself or don’t believe sets the boundaries or limitations of your life. It’s from your identity or how you see yourself that you start making decisions. You’re deciding on the type of man you date or marry, the things you tolerate in your life, how far you go in your career endeavors, what doors you decide to walk through or stay out of, the standards or lack of standards you have in your life, how you treat yourself and allow others to treat you, etc. Sometimes we’re trying to deal with and correct fruit and never get to the root. The root is your identity, and the fruit is your behavior.

Take a moment and look at the root of everything in your life which is your identity. Let’s take the journey of connecting our identity back to God and His Word.

Ladies, who are you?


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