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This is a 6-week workbook to propel you in discovering your purpose and next steps to move forward in fulfilling your destiny. It may be used in the Destiny Club Membership tier levels 1, 2 or 3, or used independently. This interactive workbook covers the following topics: 

  • The 7 Mountains of Society

  • The Spiritual DNA of a Mountain Climber

  • Find Your Mountain

  • Climb Your Mountain


"I knew there was only so much that could be covered in a 2 hour workshop, so I purchased her workbook. This workbook was literally like having open heart surgery on my purpose. It was able to clear blockages in my purpose that had been obstructed for years. It was able to strengthen and bring clarity to areas where the muscle of my purpose was weak. It breaks your purpose down in ways that have served you no good and carefully builds it back up to where you are rooted in the promises of God. I had not realized that for years I was operating on my own strength without God, and now I'm rebuilding in a way that because I'm so rooted in God and his word, I won't be easily swayed to move outside of my purpose and his will for my life. The Pop-up workshop combined with the workbook have been a God send that has literally changed my life." Kizmat L. Tention, Author & Certified Professional Life Coach

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