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Have you ever had the feeling that there is something missing in your life? Do you feel like there is something more or something else you should be doing? What if your current projects and goals fall short of the true blueprint God has for your life? What if you are in the right purpose but need guidance on how to move to the next level?


God created you with a purpose and destiny in mind that you would fulfill to be a light in a world that so desperately needs Him. Are you the next scientist with a cure, the next politician with a strategy and vision to transform neighborhoods and nations, the next writer to create compelling stories of hope and restoration, the next movie producer to create films that not only entertains but transform lives, the next _______________? It’s time for you to fill in the blank with clarity and accuracy of who you were destined to be in this life with the spiritual equipment to ascend in purpose.


Your vision is vital for you to find your mountain and move in destiny! If you can't see, you can't move. If your vision is cloudy, you will stumble and fall. If you see wrong, you will be misled. Refocus, reassess and realign yourself with what you have truly been called to do! 


"It's rare that I attend a workshop and I don't want it to end. This happens every time I attend one of the Pop-Up Workshops. You hear a lot of people telling you to find your purpose, but rarely give you the tools to figure out how to find it. The heartbeat of these workshops is finding your WHY and understanding the difference between working in your purpose vs working in your talents and gifts. Roz gives the most practical examples to not only help you find clarity, but to also be effective. Roz has created a safe space that is empowering and filled with so many great nuggets to truly help you succeed." Kizmat L. Tention, Author and Certified Professional Life Coach 

"God has called me to do so much more than what is within my grasp. Roz Thomas' Destiny: The Role of Vision in Destiny workshop was a necessary tool to open my spiritual eyes to see that my obedience is necessary to fulfilling my destiny. Attending her workshop was a sure deposit into eternity. It was such a breath of fresh air and I cannot wait for the next one! In the meantime, I will be chewing on all of the nuggets in the workbook. Thank you for your dedication to helping us fulfill our destiny and purpose! It is a must that you attend the workshops and be a sponge. P.S. you will need your favorite note taking pen and paper's that deep!" Dr. Terah L. Davis


"My experience at the Destiny Pop-Up Workshop was spiritually stimulating and engaging with my life's purpose. The workshop served as a powerful reminder of strategic approaches I can take to tap into my destiny on a greater level. In addition, the workshop was extremely interactive with the audience and I believe every person in the room walked away more empowered and equipped to execute on their ambition." LM

"I had the pleasure of attending the Destiny Pop-Up Workshop. Roz laid out very informatively and engagingly the importance of discovering my purpose/destiny. The tree diagram further places emphasis on how I need to be rooted in Christ in everything I do. As I do this my branches (projects) will grow. The workshop personally charged me with the need to solicit more strategic prayers and spend more isolated time with God in order to find out the details of his plans for my life. I'm excited and ready for the next workshop." LJ




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