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I’m Single, Saved…Now What?!

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

If you’re single and saved, it’s time to check and change your diet where needed. What have you been eating lately?

How do we overcome sexual temptation when sex, pornography and so much more are so easily available? Where do we turn? Who do we talk to about our struggles and even moral failures?

This is a real conversation, and it’s my prayer that it leads to some real help with real results. A lot of media, particularly the entertainment industry, has devalued women with images of being sexual at the disposal of men. If you really listen to the lyrics of a lot of music, we are referred to as the ‘b’ word, strippers, thots, etc. In many music videos, women are wearing a minimal amount of clothes.

Ladies…I have to pause. What has happened?! We are so much more than this. I call it fog, and anything that produces fog is a fog machine. Fog is something that obscures and confuses a situation or someone’s thought processes (Oxford Living Dictionaries). Our thinking and perspective can become foggy when we expose ourselves to outlets that perpetuate images that are contrary to who we are destined to be. The highest form of deception is self-deception. Deception is nothing more than a lie or false image that is pushed liked propaganda into our ear and eye gates to make us adopt it as our own belief system. If we allow it, deception can become so powerful that we will mistakenly call something normal that is abnormal or something good that is evil. We can’t allow the images we see to tell us who we are as women and our true value.

Before I committed my life to Christ, I thought it was normal to watch pornography and read romance novels. I thought it wasn’t a big deal at all. I used to read romance novels which is nothing more than pornography in written form. Thoughts of lust and sex consumed my thoughts to the point that it became a stronghold in my life. It was difficult for me to look at a man without these thoughts consuming me. When I gave my life to the Lord, I was ashamed of my thought life. I’m so thankful because I learned as a young Christian the importance of renewing my mind with the Word of God.

I targeted my time in the Word on dealing with my thoughts in this area because I knew the Word of God carried an anointing or power that would remove the burden and destroy the yoke of bondage. I found scriptures about sexual integrity and learned that I couldn’t fight thoughts with thoughts. Words will trump thoughts. What do I mean? Take a moment and start counting in your head from one to ten. Do it now… Stop and say your name out loud. What happened to your mental count? It stopped because words are more powerful than thoughts.

I learned the value of this and when thoughts of lust and sex would come, I would speak a scripture to replace that thought. I would confess something along these lines, “I take authority over this thought. I have the mind of Christ. I shun immorality and all sexual looseness; I flee from impurity in thought, word and deed.” Sometimes the thoughts would return, but I was consistent in my meditation of the Word and confession of faith every time the thoughts showed up. My confession was based on scriptures in the Word (Prov. 18:20-21; Luke 10:19; 1 Cor. 6:18 – Amplified Bible; 1 Cor. 2:16). Also, I stopped feeding the lust by throwing out my romance novels. In about thirty days, that stronghold was broken in my thought life, and for the first time my thoughts were clear in this area. I noticed that I no longer looked at men with a lustful eye.

To start the journey of walking in freedom from sex, pornography, etc., as a single, you must guard your ear, eye and mouth gates and change your diet. We are what we eat spiritually and naturally. It’s time to eat from a spiritual table that will transform you from the inside out…the Word of God.

If you’re single and saved, it’s time to check and change your diet where needed. What have you been eating lately?


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